May 22, 2022

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New Vegas 2?  Chris Avellon replies and explains that that wouldn't be his name

New Vegas 2? Chris Avellon replies and explains that that wouldn’t be his name

Since Bethesda and Obsidian unite under the same ownership, fans of the saga have dreamed of developing it.

After Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda, which brought the developer and Obsidian Entertainment under the same ownership, a desire quickly emerged among fans to see some kind of continuation to the great. Fallout: New Vegas. These were the feelings that even the community manager of Team Santa Anna had Talk on Twitter. Now it’s yours Chris Avellon Who is talking about this game?

When asked if he knows anything about Fallout: New Vegas 2, the developer responded to the following recently conversation: “I don’t know anything else It probably wouldn’t be called ‘New Vegas 2’.The screenwriter who trained at Interplay Entertainment also wanted to make it clear that any project in this regard must have Bethesda’s approval. “People assume it’s as simple as forcing Phil Spencer on Bethesda, but that’s not the Xbox’s way of representing Game Studios,” he said, referring to the creative independence Microsoft gave to its purchases.

Avellone left more interesting answers about the action RPG franchise on his board, noting that he hasn’t played Fallout 76 yet, while only spending three hours on Fallout 4 before quitting due to a design issue. He wanted to dig deeper into Fallout 3. Back in Fallout: New Vegas, the developer says so 20 of the 70 employees who worked in RPGs are still in Obsidian.

For now There are only rumors and a few clues About this fallout: New Vegas 2 is close to being a reality, with Obsidian’s work approve In a project that will not disappoint RPG fans, while Bethesda focuses on the last months of pregnancy starfield s Scrolls of the Sixth Sages. At 3DJuegos, we are already wondering about What would the new vegas 2 look like.

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