May 27, 2024

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New Zealand will send the largest delegation in its history to Tokyo 2020 – Marca Claro

17-year-old Erica Fairweather is New Zealand’s youngest athlete TNNZTeam

‘Kiwis’, Because they are popularly called Will be represented by the greatest athletes in their history Olympic Games; Of the total 211 of them, 101 were women, viz More female representation At the Olympics in the history of New Zealand.

These athletes Competing in 22 categories, Including two Olympic debutants: Surf and Karate.

Rob Waddell, The New Zealand Olympic medalist and mission leader said The path to this Olympic event is challenging and unique.

I would like to thank the 211 athletes for the courage and determination they showed in these games that were postponed. We are very proud of the team and the way they handled all the uncertainty.

Rob Waddell

The youngest athlete on the Kiwi delegation Erica Fairweather, a 17-year-old swimmer, is in her senior year at high school. On the other hand, there will be the oldest athlete Bruce Goodin, Participant in equestrian jumping event.

Of the 211 athletes, more than half will make their debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the meantime, Dame Valerie Adams Will become Second New Zealand competed in five Olympic editions.

Waddell arrived in Tokyo with his team last week. With the aim of preparing the Olympic Village for his delegation.

“We are working very hard to create a strong performance environment in our division at Villa, which will allow athletes to perform at their best. We are setting up our own high performance gym, kitchen and sanitary area. We have two shipping containers for unloading sports equipment, hand sanitizer and cooling fans.

Preparing for warmer temperatures and humid weather in Japan makes New Zealand a priority. Athletes train in warm rooms and conduct their training camps in hot weather.

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Team Women’s football In games, when you first take action Face the Australian national team on July 21 at Tokyo Stadium.