June 21, 2024

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Nicolas Maduro supports direct dialogue with the United States

Nicolas Maduro supports direct dialogue with the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros. Photo: agencies.

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, on Monday called for a direct dialogue with the US government To attend bilateral affairs from a position of recognition and respect for sovereignty.

At an international press conference from the Miraflores Palace (the seat of the Executive Power), The president renewed his desire to resume relations between the two countries after more than two years of severing diplomatic relations in response to Washington’s hostile policy against Caracas.

Everything would be easier if there was a little common sense in the elites who rule the United StatesThe head of state, when raising the possibility of including the dialogue table in Mexico, stressed the opening of direct negotiations with the Joe Biden administration.

Maduro insisted on the immediate lifting of the unilateral coercive measures taken by the US government As an essential prelude to progress in negotiations with the most extreme sections of the Venezuelan opposition.

The official stressed that the policy of economic sanctions greatly affects the social life of the country It constitutes a silent bombardment against the humble population, as part of its strategy for regime change in the South American nation.

Faced with this scenario, the President stressed that Venezuela has the ability to overcome the negative effects of the blockade, and that its negative effects should not be an excuse in the efforts made to ensure national development.

The United States will have to lift sanctions, but while that happens, we must activate all of the country’s productive economic enginesMaduro confirmed.

Likewise, he emphasized the failure of all destabilizing actions and Attacks promoted by Washington to put an end to the Bolivarian Revolution, Including attempts to form a parallel government and provoke a civil confrontation that led to armed intervention.

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They applied all the models on us to divide the armed forces, to bring about an invasion by Colombia, passassination of the country’s top political and military leadership; And we went with cleverness and perseverance and were defeated one by oneHe remembers.

(with information from Prensa Latina)