May 17, 2022

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"Now commitment is not necessary but..." |  Nicholas Kreblak, Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, on vaccination in the province

“Now commitment is not necessary but…” | Nicholas Kreblak, Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, on vaccination in the province

Minister of Health of the State of Buenos Aires, Nicholas Kreplack, confirmed this Saturday thatMandatory coronavirus vaccine not ‘essential at this time’ And Show concern for people who have not yet received the second dose.

“I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment,” the official said of the possibility that vaccination might be mandatory. Regardless, Kriplak pointed it out It is not considered “unreasonable” to implement this measure if it changes the epidemiological situation.

From this standpoint, he stressed that “the commitment to the antiviral vaccine is one of the measures that can be taken if other measures do not work. It is one of the issues that were brought up yesterday at the negotiating table with the country’s health ministers.” .

In an interview with CNN Radio, Kriplak expressed concern about the percentage of people who got their first dose, continuing without completing the scheme even though vaccination is free in the county and where 80% of the population has already received a deficient. one vaccine.

“There is a percentage that has started (the vaccination plan) and the second dose is not given, these are people who probably won’t go now because they have other priorities, who don’t go even though they have a shift, who have missed three or four times. Buenos Aires Province and vaccination is free and they can go from both To the two and they don’t go away,” Kriplak said.

In this regard, he stressed that it is necessary “to increase this, as well as to reach the 20% that we did not reach because it is a large number of the population in which the disease can spread, and cause complications not only for them, but for the rest of society.”

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“Not only do we have to continue as we are, but even with our third doses, we will get here until winter,” said Buenos Aires’ Minister of Health.

In this regard, he indicated that during the meeting of the Federal Health Council (COFISA), which is made up of all health ministers in the country, a health permit was implemented for group events or going to closed places, such as the gym or the media, and the transfer was analyzed.

“Health clearance is a measure to ensure that everyone gets the vaccine” He pointed out, as he said: “We are working to vaccinate everyone, We should reach the 20% of the population we don’t reach. That’s why health passes.”

Referring to the current health situation in the country, he specified “We are not concerned, but what may happen we are concerned. In the summer we may have some outbreaks, but The most worrying thing can come in winter“.

Regarding what is happening in the province of Buenos Aires, he stressed that “the epidemiological situation is very good” as the number of infections reached “4% of the maximum (levels) of cases recorded” during the worst moment of a pandemic.

Kreplak explained that the region is currently recording an average of 500 cases per week “when our peak was 12,000,” as he considered that “although it is not declining, (the curve) is stable, both in cases and in hospitals.”

But he warned that two cases that had nothing to do with the Argentine situation were those “that we should be aware of”. He referred to what is happening in the northern hemisphere where it is recorded “A very big wave especially in Europe and the US as well, with a lot of cases”. On the other hand, the situation is “in countries that do not have a very high vaccination rate”.

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The head of the health file in Buenos Aires also referred to the new alternative to the Corona virus, Micron, and in this sense indicated that it is a “very new” situation and that during the Cofesa meeting, it was decided to “close flights and travel to the entire African continent.”