May 27, 2022

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Now, on sale for less than 300 euros at Carrefour

Now, on sale for less than 300 euros at Carrefour

Serious inventory problems plaguing the sector Next generation devices Not only did it not affect the small company Microsoft, Xbox Sbut we can get them individually or in packages at discounted prices. It’s a great gift for the little ones at homeAnd now we can get it with a special edition of It is an electronic game We also save.

Xbox Series S 512GB + Fortnite Mint Legends Pack

With an official cost of € 329.90, we can now take it home at a reduced price €289 At Carrefour online with the Fortnite Mint Legends bundle. which price €29.90 If we buy it separately. And the same thing happens with the console, which costs them €289 She is alone. So we get this package without spending a single euro more.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Easter Eggs

Xbox 2

At this stage, Xbox S No introduction needed. But for the most ignorant, It is the smallest next-generation console from Microsoft. This allows us to perfectly play at 1080p and up to 1440p in certain titles. s With a Game Pass Ultimate subscriptionit is located around must have For most players.

And for its part, the Fortnite Mint Legends package Includes a good handful of additives For the basic game, such as various accessories and skins Attributes and $1000 (in-game currency) To spend it on various suits, gestures or hang gliders. Great way to start getting famous battle royale or to advance without spending extra money.