May 22, 2022

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Those excluded from the top are not isolated countries

Those excluded from the top are not isolated countries

“Concern for democracy” for the United States was something like keeping those who think differently out of the way, masking progressive ideas, and abolishing – as if a button on a computer – self-chosen people’s resolve.

Under this vulgar euphemism, they decided to continue playing the role of “protectors of the planet” in an effort to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the ninth. Summit of the Americas, which will host Los Angeles, in June.

Although in their conception of liberal democracy there will, in theory, be two different concepts, in practice they give life to a new concept, more closely related to the capitalist system: there can be two parties with different ideas, so I say, almighty: no more .

However, it was clear that, given this imperial attitude of believing that the Latin peoples were a cut-out on their board, there would be consequences. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made a solidarity movement, making it clear to Biden that there could be no continental summit that excluded countries from the continent: “Where are those who were not invited? From what continent and from what galaxy?”

Luis Ars, President of Bolivia, also questioned the summit’s goal, which is to “build a sustainable, resilient and equitable future”, noting that “it will not be achieved if multilateralism is ignored and the principle of self-determination and participation by brotherly countries is ignored”.

Silak expressed the need to avoid “exceptions that impede the dialogue of all the voices of the continent,” while the Executive Secretary of the PTA-TCB Sasha Llorente referred to the meeting organizers for their response to the whims of Washington. For its part, the Puebla community demanded that this event be organized without ideological discrimination.

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As if that wasn’t enough, CARICOM gave Eagle another headache, ruling Thursday that excluding any country from the region could push the bloc not to attend the Summit of the Americas either. Ronald Sanders, the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda in Washington, made this clarification.

Joe Biden will have to think carefully about his next move, lest the geopolitical council begin to soften it.

“The Summit of the Americas is not a meeting of the United States, so it cannot decide who is invited and who is not.” The logic of diplomat Sanders is indisputable, but since the enlightened rulers of the United States have never acted with logic, but rather with political interests, they may ignore it. Although perhaps if interests change, like the wind, it would be convenient for Washington to change its position at the last minute. Who do you know?

The truth is that not everyone supported the infidel “king”. Cuba is not the isolated country they would like. His revolution, the resistance of this people, earned him a respected position in this political council.