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Paloma Mami confirms her new song: “Sintomas de Soltera” | LOS40 Urban

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mother pigeon On his last Instagram appearance, he surprised the entire audience with the introduction of his next song. We don’t know the release date yet, but It has already given us progress And post it on YouTube so we can enjoy it.

This is live He used it to explain to all his followers the rumors created by the kiss that his sister had with her boyfriend. You have to remember that your current partner, narrationA video clip was released Sofia Castlehis sister, was the hero.

During the video, they both kissed, which worried the audience, because he was just with them SophiaSomeone very close to me mother pigeon. “You’ve created a lot of controversy about all of this and you’ve created negative theories and stories, because you like to think about the worst without knowing anything.”He was starting to get quite annoyed at how everything had turned out.

Finally, Live said that at the time of casting a final actress he had already seen 200 people, but “Being beautiful in pictures is not the same as knowing how to act”. for this reason They mutually agreed that it would be her sister who would come out.

He even highlights that it was his idea: And I thought, ‘Hey, sister. “In case you didn’t know, she aspires to be an actress, and I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to debut.” So I argue, since I never thought there would be such a commotion.

After explaining the situation and ending the comments that the kiss was a betrayal, The singer learned a part of her new song. “I wanted to show you something I’ve stowed away. A song I have, and it’s only relevant”also announced that he will call individual symptoms.

At that moment, the spectators who accompanied the artist began to ask her to show her a piece of the topic. He finally made it and showed a preview of his new song.

Since he started his career Focuses on trying different sounds by releasing songs only This way you get a foothold in the music industry. This way he collaborated with different artists like Ricky Martin also Jim TanganaAnd the Two different styles the artist always adapts to.

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