June 20, 2024

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Players are calling for mode changes on Rebirth Island

Players are calling for mode changes on Rebirth Island

The Players Community Call of Duty: Warzone has been enjoying more Rebirth on the Rebirth Island map due to all the controversies that were introduced in 2021 under the beloved Battle Royale title and since it was first added.

The thing that seems intriguing to us is that many players want to make the Rebirth Island map the official Call of Duty: Warzone map, due to the lack of hackers since its launch in December 2020, although other players are still waiting for another. The map presents a larger environment for the acclaimed BR for CoD.

However, since joining, players have enjoyed the most fearsome battle royale, but believe that it still lacks the possible gameplay modes. Solos have only been available on Rebirth Island for a very short time. Some players have criticized Raven because mode changes are too frequent on the mini-map.

Now, criticism has focused on the fact that Raven did not make Rebirth Solos a permanent war mode. Many fans of the map have suggested that it is currently a missed opportunity, especially when one-on-one matches like this were ubiquitous in Verdansk.

Redditor ‘DefunctHunk’ was among those requesting his add-ons, saying, “Rebirth Island solos must have been one thing and surprisingly never happened. The map would be perfect for a 10-minute, 40-person single mode. Verdansk is rapidly aging and spreading Solos are currently in Verdansk with cheaters (and have been since the beginning of season four).”

For now, players who want to play Rebirth Island alone will have to enter Trios or Quads on their own. A faster, smaller solo battle royale is likely to be attractive to players, especially given the length and size of a typical BR game in Verdansk.

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Other Redditors have echoed the OP’s suggestions, with one saying, “I think having the same options as Verdansk would be great. Get a ‘Rebirth Island’ playlist with solos, duets, triples and quartets. Whether it’s mini royale or revival, I just want options.”