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"These colors defend themselves to the death": Pablo Aguilar apologized to Santiago Jimenez

“These colors defend themselves to the death”: Pablo Aguilar apologized to Santiago Jimenez

Despite his young age, Jimenez has faced a major player like Pablo Aguilar (Image: Twitter / @golesycifras)

Football players in blue cross issued, through social networks, messages where They apologize for the actions that occurred in the San Luis court. Both admit that this heated debate is not something that represents the club’s values.

On the one hand, Pablo Aguilar He apologized to the fans and teammates, and also expressed the need to always defend the colors of Cruz Azul until the last resort, but that there should always be respect in doing so. In addition, he indicated that it was not an ideal situation and that he would seek improvement because it is what the organization deserves.

Just as Aguilar apologized, Santiago Jimenez also released a message on his Instagram account. In this he states that he regrets the situation and that he fully respects and admires all his colleagues and always will be.

Pablo Aguilar apologized after confronting Santi Jimenez and this was his response (Image: Instagram / @paguilar87)
Pablo Aguilar apologized after confronting Santi Jimenez and this was his response (Image: Instagram / @paguilar87)

Likewise, he stated that the passion that lives in the games is always conveyed to the extreme, but that the things that happen on the field, remain on the field. He concluded by noting that everyone should unite to bring the cement jersey to the top, where it belongs, the Mexican striker said.

Pablo Aguilar was distinguished as a player with a strong personality. On the court he is an element that always imposes his conditions on his rivals, and that character and personality has taken him to where he is; However, this is now an argument for him with someone from his team, Santiago Jimenez.

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This is the confrontation between the Celestial players Awarded thanks to the striker losing the ball which was a potential danger to Cruz Azul, where he almost ended with a goal in favor of the Potosinos team. At that time, Aguilar was so upset that they, together with Yoshimar Yoten, severely reprimanded him.

Santiago Jimenez also reacted to his face at the match in San Luis (Image: Instagram/@sant.gimenez)
Santiago Jimenez also reacted to his face at the match in San Luis (Image: Instagram/@sant.gimenez)

Yes good Both have already been clarified and I apologize, this fact is worth analyzing to be able to see how the spirits are carried in La Noria. On the other hand, Aguilar’s experience should guide those who are just beginning their path as “El Bebote”; On the other hand, young people must understand the weight that a poorly developed individual act or play can have.

Obviously, the pressure does not stop on Cruz Azul. Although they are the current heroes and ended up with the ghosts that have haunted them for more than two decades, The demand held by a club with a long history does not stop, this is a reflection of that. naturally This disagreement cannot be understood as a “broken dressing room”Because thanks to the captions, those potential rumors disappeared.

Cruz Azul is 6th in the overall rating, adding 9 points out of a possible 18. It’s not a bad start or something “championship” looming, but it’s not a positive thing for those led by Juan Reynoso. won two matches (necaxa 1-2 and Toluca 4-0), tied three (SantosAnd Monterey And Saint Louis, and lost one (Mazatlan) so far in opening 2021.

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The machine did not display its best football and its exhibition in the match against St. Louis is proof of that. Despite beating the powerful Toluca 4-0 this weekend He could not score a single goal in ninth place in the general table. This sample of inconsistency at the moment doesn’t present big problems, but it probably will in the near future.

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