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VIDEO: Así sería la cuenta en Google Fotos del róver Perseverance de la NASA

Video: This will be the Google Photos account for NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft


22 before 2021 21:15 GMT

The US space agency’s spacecraft landed on Mars in February of this year.

Google has shown what a Google Image account of NASA’s Perservance rover would be like if Astromobile used this app to save its multimedia content, as evidenced by a video posted by the American company on Wednesday on YouTube.

In the recording, in which the song “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” by Michael Crawford was played, an animation of the space exploration vehicle was presented Taking pictures on the red planet. After that, his default account appears in the “Application”, where he saves files distributed in thematic albums.

When you enter the terms “water” and “Martians” in a Google Image search, you won’t get any results, but the word “dunes”. Also, in the “People and Pets” section are the Ingenuity helicopter and the Curiosity craft, also operated by the US Space Agency.

“Look back at a world of memories,” reads the end of the video, which was released by NASA just six months after the Perseverance arrived on Mars. During this time, he took more than 125,400 photos.

The rover was launched on July 30, 2020 and landed on the Red Planet in February 2021. It is the first mission collecting rocks and rocks On Mars, one of the goals lies in astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. This will help characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, as well as begin human exploration.

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Earlier this month, Perseverance, equipped with a six-foot-tall robotic arm and drill, fail On his first attempt to extract a rock sample in Jezero Crater on Mars and seal it in a collection tube.

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