December 9, 2023

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PLD is already manufacturing the largest Spanish rocket in history

PLD is already manufacturing the largest Spanish rocket in history

With Miura 1 just arriving at the launch pad in Huelva and waiting for the go-ahead for its maiden takeoff, the people of Elche PLD Space is already fully operational on the Miura 5. The latter, the big brother of the company’s catalog, is the big promise with which they intend to debut in the field of putting satellites and all kinds of goods into orbit.

The first pictures of the rocket’s construction And he published it The company itself is on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter. “Bringing Miura 5 back to life! Exciting times ahead!”. A hollow cylinder-shaped piece can be seen in the footage, which, due to its dimensions and shape, may have been part of the bomber’s central fuselage.

The Miura 5 is more demanding in manufacturing than the Miura 1, especially in terms of the space needed. This important change has led PLD Space to do just that Develop an expansion plan At their headquarters in Elche, where they have acquired more warehouses and land, and at Teruel Airport, where they have a large field for ignition tests.

Operators assemble a Miura 5 rocket

PLD space

In the same vein and with the Miura 1 fully finished – absent a first launch completion – the bulk of the company’s staff is focused on developing the new member. “The Miura 5 is made with more than 80% of the Miura 1,” Raul Verdoux, co-founder of the company, explained to EL ESPAÑOL – Omicrono. When completed, it will be the largest Spanish-made missile ever manufactured.

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Miura 5 Spanish giant

The Miura 5 rocket has much greater commercial potential. Currently, all over the world, there are not many companies that are able to put satellites into orbit, and the demand does not stop growing year by year. “There are already companies interested,” Verdoux said. Hence, PLD Space focused on the larger rocket in order to maximize development and manufacturing. We thought of a First launch of 2025 It entered commercial service in the same year.

Miura 5 simulation

PLD space

One of the most interesting points of the Miura 5 is that it has Reusable first stageIn true SpaceX style. Something necessary if you want to compete on costs, but adds significant technical complexity as you have to design all the systems on board for more than one task.

The technical specifications of this launcher are more advanced compared to the Miura 1’s concealed size. It contains It is 36 meters long and 2 meters in diameter Which dispenses 68.742 kilograms which it will weigh when fully loaded. The launch will take place at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana, which is where European rockets Ariane and Vega are launched.

This first stage consists of a total of 5 liquid fuel engines with biokerosene as the propellant generating a total of 950 kN of thrust at sea level. It makes up most of the missile’s 20.37-meter length, and it is estimated that it can carry out up to 15 launches per year.

As for the second stage, it contains one motor with a thrust of 50 kN in a vacuum and a length of 10.94 meters. There is a hood with a payload capacity of 540 kg, in which customer orbital systems will be integrated.

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