April 19, 2024

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Pokemon Go Fashion Week begins with Furfrou debuting

Pokemon Go Fashion Week begins with Furfrou debuting

Pokemon Go Fashion Week begins with Furfrou debuting

Today a new event started in Pokemon Go This is concentrated in fashion. It will end next Tuesday September 28 Until then you can have many Pokemon Concerts Accessories. What is more, Forfro, The Pokemon poodle, first appeared in the popular mobile video game.

The Pokemon that may appear in wild country With some additions they are: butterfly With a bow on her head, lightning with necklace and Kyrelia And Croagunk with a hat. while in raids You can challenge chinks With a hat already postpartum With hat and sunglasses. Also, they can all appear in a file glossy version. For the first time in the video game store, there are many accessories for avatar in show And all the coaches who couldn’t get there Milueta In the past Pokemon Go Fest They will be able to obtain it during this event by completing private investigation.

all forms Forfro It can also be obtained in the game, except for the model cut the heart that has not yet been activated. In which parts of the world you can get each of its forms detailed below: cut lady all over the world , Knight Court all over the world , Miss Court in America, specific cut in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, star cut in Asia Pacific, aristocratic court in France, kabuki pieces in Japan and pharaonic court in Egypt. Also, it is not necessary to capture each shape in their respective areas, as a standard form of Forfro (known as Wild Court) when traveling in the special areas of each court. For this you need to spend 10,000 Polfostellaris And 25 candy bars.

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