June 28, 2022

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Portaltic.-Apple’s mixed reality headset will cost more than $2,000 and be as powerful as the M1 Pro, according to Bloomberg.

Madrid, 17 (Portaltic / EP)

Apple continues to develop a mixed reality viewer, a device that will go on the market at a price higher than $ 2000 and will have the power to match the power of its new processor, the M1 Pro.

This was reported by analyst Mark Gorman in Bloomberg’s Power On “newsletter”, who expects Apple to use advanced internal technologies in its next viewers that will lead them to more than $2,000 at launch, higher than other current viewers.

A Bloomberg reporter claims that Apple’s new product will have two processors inside, and that one of them will have comparable power to that of the high-end M1 Pro model in MacBook Pro computers.

The M1 Pro, introduced in October, has features such as a design in which the CPU and GPU do not work separately but are combined, a unified board design that can go up to 200GB per second, support for 32GB of unified memory and work 33.7 billion transistors powering the CPU with up to 70 percent performance.

Apple will choose this chip for its new headphones not because of the more powerful CPU but because of its graphic capabilities, as the M1 Pro has 14 to 16 graphics cores.

This chip is expected to support other features of the headset such as multiple screens, including high-resolution panels up to 8K, an option for an interchangeable lens, and advanced audio technology.

Regarding the name, Gurman also confirmed that Apple Glass is not yet a safe name and that the product could hit the market under the name Apple Vision, more likely than other names like Apple Reality, Sight or Lens.

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