May 22, 2022

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Problems playing on Xbox? Microsoft has already talked about it

Over the past weekend, Some players have reported having trouble playing on Xboxsomething he owns Microsoft Confirmed through social networks. As Redmond explained, the problems were supposed to go away for all users, but it doesn’t seem like that happened.

Some users pointed back In today’s session, they are still having problems playing on Xboxreceiving messages that prevented the title from starting, and the victimization of an error that proves the player has to To be online So I can start playing some games.

Problems playing on Xbox? Microsoft has already talked about it

However, this afternoon, those from Redmond confirmed that they have apparently taken an important step to solve this issue through the official account of Xbox support. As they explain, the goal of the Xbox is to Fix all these issues in the next few days by releasing a new update.

We’ve seen a significant improvement in an issue that prevented some users from purchasing and playing games. We expect a full mitigation in the next few days with the release of a new update.

Either way, it seems X-Box Take the problem seriously, and Now we just have to wait to see when the aforementioned update arrives. For the sake of players who are still affected by the issue, we hope the company makes an announcement as soon as possible.

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