August 19, 2022

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Pups take over the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Pups take over the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie

October has arrived and the animation is officially drawn into the lean period for video game releases. Metroid Dread, Far Cry 6, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania arrive this week. If you can get these 4 games before October 26th, Guardians of the Galaxy will be waiting for you.

Guardians’ first single-player game will launch on consoles later this month, and Eidos Montreal Continue to generate excitement for the game by posting a movie scene. The story revolves around Cosmo, a Russian dog who was sent into space years ago and plays a greater role in the course of the game than previously thought.

Cosmo is Knowhere’s head of security and is able to communicate with Guardians, and possibly other life forms, with his mind. Peter Quill asks about the Guardians’ Nova tracker, but despite being more powerful and intelligent than the average dog, he is easily distracted by the normal canine stuff. At one point, the conversation is interrupted so Cosmo can chase his tail, and then appears to end when the ball is dispersed.

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Although Cosmo is the center of attention in the new humor, it’s the dogs of the head of security that take the cake. A small group of Cosmos, in dog spacesuits, can be seen running and playing while her father does his housework. Having so many very young puppies also means that Cosmo has an emotional partner, although it has yet to be shown if that is the case.

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Less than three weeks after the Guardians arrive, it won’t be long to find out how Square Enix has recovered from the work in progress that is Marvel’s Avengers. Could Guardians of the Galaxy It’s a Marvel game published by Square, but everything indicates that it will be the opposite of the 2020 show. Also, it’s already been confirmed that Guardians won’t have any additional content, but perhaps there will be a sequel on the table if this first game works well enough. .