June 21, 2024

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Scientists find a new fundamental law that explains the creation and evolution of the universe

Scientists find a new fundamental law that explains the creation and evolution of the universe

Explaining the evolution around us is not easy, and experts believe there is a basic missing law to do so.

Fundamental laws explain phenomena such as thermodynamics or the origin of species

The laws of nature are those that reveal to man how different parts of the world work.. As an example of this we can cite electromagnetism, thermodynamics or natural selection, which the British naturalist Charles Darwin referred to in his work “The Origin of Species”. But, as experts warn, there are certainly missing laws of this kind that have yet to be discovered.

Now, a team of scientists from the Carnegie Institution for Science, the California Institute of Technology and Cornell University You have identified that the law in nature may be missing Able to fill gaps and macroscopic physical laws that were previously impossible to cover. Thus this heterogeneous team announced the creation of the “Functional Information Augmentation Act.”

As I said so interesting In a recent article, this law “inevitably leads to greater patterns, diversity, and complexity in complex natural systems.” The authors summed it up by saying that it seems strange to have one or more laws Describing the behaviors of sophisticated systems has never emerged more quickly.

The characteristics of the new law are interesting and acknowledge this Complex systems in the natural world are made up of many different components Like atoms, molecules or cells can be repeatedly organized and rearranged. The team emphasizes once again that of the natural processes that affect these complete systems, only a small fraction remains.

This remaining part is called “job selection.”. In this regard, the team identified three types of job selection. The first place would be “fixed continuity” which is the most basic. This will lead to a stable arrangement of atoms and molecules to continue evolving.

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From here we move to the second type, which is “dynamic persistence.” They are dynamic systems that are selected for their continuous supply of energy. Finally, we refer to the “modernity generation” that produces new formations and behaviors.

In sum, the new missing law hopes to explain changes within all systems in the universe. Although it’s true that the team has revealed what happens naturally on our planet, it’s beyond speculation, because we haven’t yet studied life on other planets to see how it evolves.

The establishment of this law is very important for all scientists and experts who devote their efforts to natural evolutionary processes. Today, NASA is exploring space with increasing intensity.

In fact, there is already talk of nuclear-powered engines. Perhaps exploring will give us more information about everything that’s going on there and allow us to learn more about the law we just summarized.