July 5, 2022

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Scientists have discovered that cell migration can be controlled by a molecular clock

Scientists have discovered that cell migration can be controlled by a molecular clock

Scientists from Yale UniversityIn cooperation with University of MinnesotaDiscover How is cell migration through confined spaces controlled by a molecular clock. Analysis of this molecular circuit provides another example of the importance of rhythmic activity in biological systems and how they are affected.

The process of migrating a single cell or group of cells Considered a cyclical process, this involves the polarization of cells in response to migratory signals. This process depends on the amount of calcium ions available in the body among other substances that generate cell movement.

It is noteworthy that the ability of cells to migrate depends on the strength of focal adhesions. This is if factors such as Bonding density, receptor density, and ligand–receptor affinity. In addition, the speed of migration depends on the ability to create cell adhesions, for example, rapid cell migration has few adhesion formations.

However, according to researchers, this migration It obeys something called the biological clock, which controls not only the moment, but also the speed. “We were surprised to discover that cancerous cells originated from healthy tissue They moved in periodic steps“, He said Andrey Levchenkodirector of the Yale Institute for Systems Biology.

in the laboratory Various experimental and modeling techniques were used, in order to understand the mechanism responsible for the migration of cells. Researchers discovered that The frequency of the molecular clock can be adjusted, accelerating or slowing down the moving cellsStimulation of intracellular microtubules.

The mentioned structures will be of great importance due to characteristics such as support in maintenance Cell migration is linked to the molecular clock. Scientists assert that understanding this phenomenon will give way to understanding such phenomena as malignant tumor scarring cancer.

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