July 1, 2022

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The Left Party and the ruling party demand support in French legislation

Focusing on the second round, scheduled for next Sunday, and after a close first round in the elections that identified 577 deputies in the National Assembly, they defended the parties’ proposals on social media, in the midst of an expected greater abstention. of 50 percent.

The left coalition, the New Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes), made up of LFI and Ecology Los Verdes, the Communist and Socialist parties, today gained a slight advantage – according to estimates – over an alliance together, headed by the Governor. Republic in Marcha and they formed the Democratic Movement, Horizonte and Aguirre.

I am addressing the young people, said Melenchon, on June 19, the future depends on you and the possibility of not having to study and work at the same time, because the Nupes program brings you a help of 1063 euros.

The leader considered the ruling party defeated, and demanded that the French reject the “disastrous projects” of re-elected President Emmanuel Macron, who seeks to control Parliament to rule with less pressure, as happened in his first five-year term.

For his part, Bourne urged voters to vote for the presidential majority “in the face of extremism.” If they vote for us, he said, they will allow France to live up to its future and its values.

Opinion polls indicate that in the second round, “together” will get the largest number of deputies, but perhaps without reaching the 289 deputies who need absolute control of the National Assembly.

Although the French will be the ones to say the last word on next Sunday’s ballot, polls show the ruling party will win between 255 and 295 seats, the Nubians with 150-210, and the conservatives from the Los Republican Union. Democrats and independents reach 65 and the national group (far right) with 25 to 35.

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