August 8, 2022

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Vuelven los puntos de salud sexual a los festivales de música de la Comunitat

Sexual health score goes back to community music festivals

With the arrival of summer events and mega-events, the Coordinator of HIV and AIDS Associations in the Valencian Community (CALCSICOVA) directs his campaigns to the smallest, promoting points from sexual health And a positive encounter in Music Festivalsan activity that has not been reactivated naturally since the beginning of the pandemic and that is providing “fantastic results”.

Information points can be found in festivals such as Big Sound, Concerts de Vivers, Homenaje a la Ruta, FIB, Diversity, Iboga Summer, LOW, Arenal Sound, Medusa Sunbeach or Rototom Sunsplash.

These are awareness campaigns where actions aimed at addressing . are implemented preventative care for human immunodeficiency virus And other sexually transmitted diseasesl (STI), its transmission mechanisms and detection tests.

According to Ministry of Health data collected by the Coordinator, a total of 354 people received an HIV diagnosis in 2020 in the Valencian community. In men, the age group in which most cases were concentrated was 20-44 years, similar to the majority of women (25-49 years).

Previously, CALCSICOVA’s latest 2019 Festivals Survey revealed that 48% of young people have never used condoms or used them on separate occasions63% have never been tested for HIV.

But the entity states that nearly 40% of people with HIV who receive treatment and who have an undetectable viral load transmit the virus. It also warns against “false myths,” with more than 13% of those surveyed saying they believe HIV is transmitted through kissing and 37% not distinguishing between HIV and AIDS.

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For all these reasons, festival volunteer work is to provide information, training and awareness on sexual health promotion and prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases through rapid testing and early diagnosis.

Sexual health and positive meeting points focus on reducing HIV stigma, which causes social and employment discrimination towards people living with HIV, among other public health problems such as hidden epidemic; This is it People who have HIV and don’t know it because they don’t go for tests.