April 19, 2024

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Socialist Alliance/Public Arena Improves in France for Europeans

Socialist Alliance/Public Arena Improves in France for Europeans

According to the poll conducted by Toluna Harris Interactive for the media RTL, M6 and Challenges, the Left bloc collects 13% of voting intentions, surpassed only by the favored National Rally (identified with the extreme right) with 30%. And the ruling party, Ennahdha (18).

In recent weeks, support in the Socialist Party/Public Square polls has risen from almost double digits to between 11 and 13%, which will allow it to validate itself at the ballot box and gain at least a dozen MEPs. The 81 seats allocated to France in the European Parliament. The legislative body of the European Parliament from 2024-2029, double what was achieved five years ago.

If the opinion polls are translated into reality in the June 9 elections, the Social Democratic Alliance will represent a surprise similar to the one in which the Green Party excelled in Europe in 2019, as it obtained more than three million votes, or 13.48 percent of the total, behind the Green Party. The greens. The National Group (23.34) and the ruling party (22.42).

According to the Jean Jaurès Foundation, Glucksmann's lead should be attributed to attracting votes from supporters of President Emmanuel Macron and France Intrepid leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, albeit for different reasons.

In the case of the ruling power, led by Valérie Heyer, the reason is the unrest that accumulated during the first two years of Macron's second term in office.

Pension and immigration reforms, the confrontation between environmentalists and the police in Saint-Solin, where the repression of men in uniform was denounced, and the president's support for actor Gérard Depardieu, accused of sexual harassment and assault, will be the main reasons.

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Regarding Mélenchon, the change of electors will be the result of a viewpoint opposed to France's support for Ukraine in the conflict with Russia, supported by Glucksmann, while the rebel leader, who will have Manon Aubry at the top of the list, is opposed to war and war. Peace advocates.

The government promotes the vision of Moscow's threat to the West and the alleged need to do everything so that Kiev can defeat it.

Although the Socialist Party/Public Square is in favor of supporting Ukraine, it explicitly rejects Macron's intentions of no red lines, even going so far as to raise the controversial possibility of sending troops to the front to fight the Russians.

Among the left, according to the Toluna Harris Interactive poll, the Rebel Alliance is behind the Rebels (eight percent) and environmentalists (seven) in voting intentions, while the Communist Party will be excluded (three percent). Members of the European Parliament, still less than five percent.