May 21, 2024

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Suitable for draft cuts like Jonah Lomu

Young Frenchman Usman Dieng is heading to the NPL – Australian Championship – his final year before the draft. Surrounded by several American universities, Usman wanted to choose the professional path. His heart was set on the team ignition of the NCAA, the G-League – the unification of many American opportunities – and the NPL. In Kong, Dyang’s choice finally fell to the New Zealand Breakers ESPN.

France climbed to second place in its U16 European Championship, with Usman Diane catching the eyes of scouts with his stats sheet of 8.7 points, 3.6 assists and 2.7 rebounds. Diane agrees that this is the most important step of his young life. From Evan Daniels’ microphone 247 Game In June:

“Even though we lost in the finals, I was able to gain experience with other non – French players. I was able to see the difference with the international level and what it takes.”

INSEP Resident is described as a versatile exterior that combines very good mastery qualities, good defensive bases with reliable shooting. Some people already dare to compare him to Paul George, but Diane acts by watching the game of Kevin Durant, Shay Kilkyus-Alexander or Brandon Ingram. The new element of New Zealand breakers reaches a valuable creation within the NBL. The team, a four-time champion between 2011 and 2015, hopes to reach new heights under the impetus of promising youngsters.

The NPL manages to attract new talent every year and its charisma has skyrocketed. Usman will show his worth in the coming season. The Oceania League now presents itself as a good alternative for American universities and European clubs to prepare for its future presence in the NBA. Its program, called NPL Next Stars, allows for the best development of young players. The Next Star project, created after the integration of players like Terence Ferguson who set aside college benches and went through this competition, shows that its growth brand is healthy. Lamelo Paul – Candidate for Rookie of the Year – and the promising R.J. Hampton has already shown that the plan is in line with the NBA’s demands, When allowing players to pay.

“I want to be as prepared as possible to come to the NBA. As I said before, I am open to any opportunities that may arise. This decision will be the result of a backlash between my family and INSEP.”

– Usman Dying, before choosing the NPL path

The young Usman finally chose New Zealand, certainly considering this path to be the most appropriate for his evolution. Now we want the Frenchman to continue his good progress, stay in good health and lead his team to good performances to snatch a lottery pick for 2022.

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Text source: ESPN