April 22, 2024

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Intel Alder Lake CPU tope de gama 740x416 1

Sweeps Intel Core i9-12900K after going through 3DMark Time Spy

New synthetic standards come from Intel Core i9-12900 K, the best-in-class CPU for the Alder Lake family, which prides itself on being the fastest CPU in benchmarking software 3D Mark Time Spy, which is that he was able to reach 17,915 points, which puts it a long way from 14,026 points from an Intel Core i9-10900K or 13,780 points from an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, reflecting what we already knew, that this CPU will have the undisputed, No Corona games.

In the gaming section, a couple of benchmarks were seen in Forza Horizon 4 @1090 to reach 193 fps With Windows 11 while AMD Ryzen 9 5950X has reached 189 fps With Windows 10, which is that with Windows 11, there is a degradation in performance.

Arrived in Rainbox Six Siege 252 fps In the shadow of the Tomb Raider 112 fpsAlthough in these cases the performance of the AMD CPU was not revealed for comparison.

CPU Intel Alder Lake tope de gama 740x416 1

We remind you that Intel Core i9-12900 K will present configuration 8 high-performance cores (Golden Cove / P-Core) junto a 8 energy-saving cores (Gracemont / E-Core), which adds up to 16 cores but with 24 processing threads, since only high-performance cores have HyperThreading, as well as access to a larger number of instructions. It all comes in the process of manufacturing Intel 7 It includes a 32-inch Intel Xe integrated graphics card.

The eight high-performance cores will work in unison in 5.00 GHz, while the Turbo frequency will be up to 2 cores 5.30 GHz. As for the eight energy-saving cores, it will run at 3.70 GHz, while a maximum of 4 positions will reach 3.90 GHz. This is the CPU 30MB L3 Cache, your maximum power consumption will be 228 W, its TDP will be 125 watts, and it will grant access to new RAMs DDR5 Next to the PCI-Express 5.0 interface.

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