June 23, 2024

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T-shirts for the Nintendo Switch and PS5 versions of Hi-Fi Rush have been spotted

T-shirts for the Nintendo Switch and PS5 versions of Hi-Fi Rush have been spotted

Hi-Fi Rush is almost live on Nintendo Switch and PS5, with data miners in the latest update discovering t-shirts from the new consoles in the archives.

Heavy RushAction game to the beat of music Tango games It surprisingly launched a year ago on Xbox Series

This was the first rumor of the year: that Microsoft would release some of its first party games, from Xbox Games Studios, on other consoles, in addition to Xbox and PC. The names that sounded the most were Sea of ​​Thieves Especially Hi-Fi Rush.

In fact, in last week's update, Hi-Fi Rush added support for the Dualsense controller, along with PlayStation button icons, which is very suspicious.

They've also added t-shirts for Chai… and it turns out there's more in the game files. Look at these pictures.

In last week's update they added some popular shirts but also an exclusive shirt for each release: Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox. But there were two unused shirt designs in the game files… and they clearly belong to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The PS5's custom color is blue, which says “Here I am, baby!”, as a nod to the surprising fact that there's an Xbox game on PS5. The Switch's icon is red, which says “ROCK OUT ANYWHARE!”, indicating that the console can be moved.

Will more Xbox Game Studios games be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS5?

The only “weird” thing is that we don't know where this photo came from: it takes several hours Roaming around Redditwhich is undoubtedly very “reasonable”.

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Yes Heavy Rush It will be released on other platforms, and maybe we'll find out soon. He wasn't in action this week, but rumor has it he will be there Nintendo Direct At the beginning of February… and one of the big surprises of the presentation could be the version on Switch (and PS5) of this prestigious Xbox game.