February 23, 2024

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The 90s classic Snow Bros is back with a new game, but it’s not what you expect

The 90s classic Snow Bros is back with a new game, but it’s not what you expect

Tatsujin has surprisingly announced a new version of Snow Bros., the veteran 2D arcade platform saga. It’s about Snow Bros. wonder landa Title of the work in three dimensions Which will arrive at some point yet to be determined for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Likewise, it was announced that attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2023 will be able to experience the game live, while its first official trailer was also revealed:

Snow Bros., which was developed by former company Toaplan in 1990 and gained worldwide popularity, is now available as a completely new game, maintaining the same world outlook along with the name. The game’s gameplay has been greatly expanded with a deep 3D arena, Not to mention the beautiful graphics offered on the new generation of platforms. However, the most important thing is that the basic gameplay is the same as in the original game,” those responsible for the project told us.

“Long-time fans will be able to fully enjoy the control feel inherited from the original game, As well as the nostalgic characters and their actions that have been reincarnated. For the current generation, this new action game will be the first step in a new development of the Snow Bros. series, where they will be able to fully enjoy the essence of the fun of the original game.

What did we say about Snow Bros. Special?

Snow Bros. private It’s a rather weak reworking of a much-loved classic that has taken its toll over the years. Yes, it adds a fair number of new levels and redraws its visual section, But he failed to truly pay his full tribute: It does not allow you to play the original arcade, it dispenses with the exclusive Mega Drive stages, it has very few game modes and the most innovative ones are paid at a more than significant price, it does not allow you to suspend the game in the Arcade game, there are no gallery add-ons of any kind and do not add Even some simple online bookmarks. Shame,” we conclude in our analysis.

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