August 15, 2022

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The cuckoo was named the Bird of the Year in New Zealand for the second time

The cuckoo was named the Bird of the Year in New Zealand for the second time

It is a kind They Night And it cannot fly, and is in danger of extinction for a long time. The காகபோ (Strycops haprophytilus), An native bird New Zealand, Has been selected as the Bird of the Year in the competition Famous Bird of the Year ( Bird of the Year ) Organized by the Wild Bird Organization. Gagabo “stole” the honor kiwi, the national symbol of the Sea Islands.

Interestingly, Kagabo Has won for the second time The winners of this contest are chosen by popular vote. Thus, this unique bird became the first bird to achieve a second victory, after the competition received in the 2008 edition.

The The competition was very tight. Throughout the two-week voting period, Antibody Albatross topped the voting rankings. Kokbe was in the lead with a majority of votes when the preferential voting system was used. It was used for a while Election fraud, Dragonfly Data Science volunteer researchers found that 1,500 votes were received from the same IP address at 3am, all of which are small type kiwi, kiwi with small dots.

One reason for Kagabo’s success is a video shot 10 years ago that has gone viral again, showing a mating attempt on the back of the head of a photographer appearing in a BBC documentary.

Traditionally, Kakapo lived New Zealand, The northern island of New Zealand, but today they live only on islands where there are no predators. There were only a few in the 1990s 50 copies This bird was saved, thanks to intensive conservation efforts. There are about today 213 individuals, According to bird sources of the year.

L. Kakabi, L They One of the largest and longest living in the world Reminiscent of algae. In the words of the competition’s spokeswoman Laura Queen, men of the race raise their voices to attract women and smell “the inside of a clarinet case, bitter and like resin and wood”. The fact that they are slow-breeding birds and that they build nests in the ground makes them more vulnerable. Their moss-like appearance is a protective form because it allows them to reflect a shrub.

Kagabo is a New Zealand native parrot

Marcus Knolf

After Kagabo, he was second in the competition Albatross of antibodiesAnother bird was threatened by commercial fishing. There are similar birds on the list Petroica Traversi Or the New Zealand hawk.

Many others The native birds of these islands They are in trouble and need help. Eighty percent of native birds Threatened o en Risk of extinction. Introduced predators, whose habitats are being destroyed or degraded by pollution, human development and climate change, warn them of wildlife.

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