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The end of the legend?  They have determined how a pyramid similar to those found in Egypt was formed in Antarctica

The end of the legend? They have determined how a pyramid similar to those found in Egypt was formed in Antarctica

Pyramids in Antarctica?

Besides the depth of the oceans, Antarctica is one of the places in the world that still holds the most secrets for man. This is partly due to the presence of land beneath perpetual ice and snow – although increasingly affected by global warming – where it is not known exactly how it is formed and what mineral wealth it may store in its bowels. The United Nations Antarctic Treaty obligates signatory countries to preserve this part of the planet without causing harm to its environment.

But the bases that conduct scientific research – Argentina among them – have to struggle against a very unsuitable climate for most of the year. The same can be said for conducting underwater research to understand the structure of the Earth in Antarctica.

For all this, the appearance of formations such as the pyramids surprised scientists. Especially those located at these coordinates: 79°58′39.25″S and 81°57′32.21″W. But she's not the only one.

The two pyramids.jpg

Like the Pyramid of Khufu, but in Antarctica (Image: A24.com).

It has a very delicate and precise shape, as if it had been shaped or created by man, as in the case of the pyramids of Egypt. But it is known that humans do not have the ability to carry out this task in that part of the planet.

For example, it took 27 years to build the Pyramid of Khufu and required 100,000 men, many of whom died during the task. Although today we have superior technology, it is unthinkable to do such work for a long time. The Antarctic climate will not allow this. However, it exists, and as we said, it is not the only one.

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Considering the presence of “nunatak” in Antarctica?

It sounds like a term from a work of science fiction or a character from other galaxies, but in reality the term has a very specific meaning. The mountain peak that appears surrounded by an ice field is called “Nunatak”. Its height can depend on several factors.

This is the explanation that satisfies most scholars. Far from being the work of extraterrestrials, nunatak are the product of the evolution of our home: Earth.

They are not just a source of curiosity for scientists. It also serves as an aid to human existence on the White Continent. Their almost geometric peaks stand out, in many cases, in a homogeneous landscape of ice and snow. Therefore, it can serve as a clear geographical reference.

This is the situation Argentine base Belgrano IIwhich are installed around the nunatak Beartrap, 18 kilometers south of the Weddell Sea coast. The name goes back to one of the German assistants, Wilhelm Felchner, in his second exploration of Antarctica in 1912.

Belgrano Base II.jpg

The Belgrano 2 base is located near the “Pyramid” in Antarctica (Photo: Wikipedia).

The “Khufu Antarctica” case

The amazing mountain is located in the southern part of the mountain range Ellsworth Subordinate Antarctica What impresses is its shape Unusual engineeringLike a pyramid Khufu.

Although in this case, it was not the idea of ​​an Egyptian architect who used hundreds of thousands of men to build a magnificent work fit for a pharaoh. In Antarctica there was another “responsible person”, just as strict as the one who acted in the sands of the Valley of the Kings: nature.

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As we said, scientists have proven that these are rock formations that penetrate the layer of permafrost and snow. Being mountaintops, they are at the mercy of winds, storms and erosion for millions of years. The result is a geometric-looking pyramid with almost perfect walls, carved or “made” by constant erosion as the Earth evolves. The action of snow, ice, and wind together gave the Antarctic Pyramid this appearance..

Antarctic Pyramid.jpg

The most famous “pyramid” site in Antarctica. (Photo: A24.com)

What secrets does the Antarctic pyramid keep?

Once the secret of its “construction” is revealed, it remains just as or more interesting. Find out what's inside. Of course, we will not find golden treasures or precious carved coffins. However, once again, it is nature that, with its constant erosion, exposes layers to examine its geological history.

If the pyramid contains minerals or other elements that can benefit humans, we will already know that. It's only a matter of time.