June 25, 2022

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The new Final Fantasy XIV update already has a trailer

The new Final Fantasy XIV update already has a trailer

Square Enix Continue to sweep and break records with Final Fantasy XIVNow the Japanese company presents its new and futuristic update, Newfound adventure. With Trailer for a movie Predict when she will leave and all the news she will bring to my players media Most successful in recent years.

Let’s remember that not so long ago Square Enix I had to temporarily suspend game sales because the servers couldn’t handle the number of players. Final Fantasy XIV Expect a new character with Newfound adventure. it’s about Naoki Yoshida.

On the official page of the community you will find all the news and detailed discussions, you can enter by following this Link. Newfound adventure It will add never-before-seen main missions, as well as an all-new raid that allows up to 24 players at the same time. east The correction will be 6.1 And the next will come April 12.

last of New features Which will be added to the game will be the call work support system That would allow access to tasks that were previously mandatory four playersAlone and accompanied by a non-playable character. On the other hand, add New residential area Plus more missions from tribes.

Final Fantasy XIV Available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC.

In other news M 3 2022 The full note has been cancelled here.

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