December 4, 2021

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The same semi-precious materials for jewelry were found under the La Palma volcano

The same semi-precious materials for jewelry were found under the La Palma volcano

Perseverance was collected in the third sample of material on the surface of Mars olivine crystal, strange material that these weeks It was news After his appearance on the volcano of La Palma.

that it Semi-precious stones that have important uses in jewelry It is the main component of the planet’s upper mantle, but is rare on Earth’s surface. Now the Mars rover it Sample collection To try to find evidence of life, it was found that this substance is also present on the surface of Mars.

The third piece of Mars gathered by perseverance takes us to the Canary Islands

NASA announced, via its official Twitter account, that the persistent rover has collected a rock in which an olive crystal was found. It is a special olive green colored mineral that has important applications due to its high resistance to high temperatures and is commonly used in jewelry.

Olivine is also an essential component of meteorites and It is considered by many experts How do One of the materials related to the origin of life on Earth.

The first set of perseverance was on a rock called Rochette. The first attempt was made in September but the sample was too spotty to study. The second attempt was a few days later when a sample could be obtained that would be returned to Earth in the future.

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Now, in this third sample where a fairly recognized substance has been found on our planet and that It can be studied to try to learn more details about the geological formation of Mars.

NASA has not explained what this sample entails. Perseverance was studying Jezero Crater, where Millions of years ago, it contained a lake of water And who knows if there is something else.

The main objective of this mission is specifically to find fossils that show that microbiological life existed in the past. Since October 25, perseverance has been Investigation of a rocky area in the southern region of ‘Internet’.

as Analyze it Curiosity rover in 2012, Martian soil consists primarily of feldspar, pyroxene, and olivine. From these analyzes with X-ray diffraction it was concluded that Martian soil is similar to basalt samples emitted by volcanoes Like the ones in Hawaii or Cumbre Vieja de la Palma.

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