June 23, 2024

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The Tenth Legislature of the Congress of Guatemala will assume its duties

The Tenth Legislature of the Congress of Guatemala will assume its duties

The parliamentarians are represented by 17 blocs, including the Vamos Por Una Guatemala Major (Vamos) bloc, with 39 blocs; National Unit of Hope (UNE), 28; Simela Movement, 23 and Cabal Political Party, 18.

The program includes the arrival of representatives of the former legislative body, led by the Board of Directors, headed by Representative Shirley Rivera.

Her administration will deliver a closing speech, after which the plenary session will approve a legislative agreement that will close the period 2020-2024.

The interim panel will be responsible for conducting board elections and swearing-in for the 2024-2025 period.

In a maneuver last Friday, the Standing Committee of Congress declared that representatives of the Simela Party, the biggest winner in the presidential elections, were independent.

The representative elected by that group, Andrea Reyes, commented that the replacements are strong and ready to take over.

“In the face of desperate attempts by those in Congress who oppose the changes, we are filing an injunction to protect our rights,” he added.

We are certain that, as has happened on other occasions, they will fail in their attempt to obstruct Semela and the change that the people are demanding,” Reyes noted.

The country's president-elect, Bernardo Arévalo, last night admitted that agreements already existed to merge the board and commented that to achieve this “there were no false negotiations as usual.”

He denied offering any position, political position, or the position of provincial governors, because in the latter case the choice would be made by the citizens and not the president.

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The professional sociologist admitted that “the government does not negotiate contracts or positions, does not buy votes, or resort to any of the mechanisms it uses.”

He said: “We presented a proposal to reach an agreement in Congress based on the representatives’ awareness that the people have given a clear mandate for change.”

The Cabal party, to which former presidential candidate Edmont Mollet belongs, announced the day before the governing agreement reached with Arevalo to elect the board of directors of the Guatemalan Congress.