December 6, 2023

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The update to Wear OS 4 is available to everyone

The update to Wear OS 4 is available to everyone

All Samsung Galaxy watches running Wear OS are finally receiving their update to One UI 5, which is actually based on Google’s latest Wear OS 4.

Samsung is updating all of its Wear OS watches to the latest versions of Android.

It’s been a week or so since Samsung started rolling out Wear OS 4 to its smartwatches With the mask One user interface 5. Watch And all the improvements to Samsung’s customizations, which are always rolled out to the Android base by Google It installs its interface and applications Which is somewhat similar to the experience we knew Tizen wearables.

Now, let’s get a little closer to the Galaxy Watch6 at least in the software part, both the Galaxy Watch5 first and now the Galaxy Watch4 in all its forms. The update to the latest firmware version has startedin an intermittent manner as usual although it has already been confirmed that the update packages will be released globally, in a stable version and without restrictions.

The Galaxy Watch4 also gets a dose of Wear OS 4 with Samsung One UI 5.

Friends told us 9to5GoogleNotify me of this he Change log It is exactly the same as in all models Previously updated with code Compilation HWH3security patches updated as of July 2023 and Wear OS 4 Based on new firmware.

As you know, it’s available on all Galaxy watches with Wear OS Many new watch faceswith a renewed interface that contains new cards and Widgets Being much easier to manage. There are also improvements to support Bluetooth headphonesespecially in the case of the Galaxy Buds, although the most important and certainly expected novelty is that we will be able to Link your smartwatch to a new phone without having to do a factory reset Until now.

Its new features include improvements for connecting Bluetooth headphones, new watch faces, more measurement options and more expected functions: the smartwatch can be linked to a new mobile phone without completely deleting it!

More options are included in the application curtain, through which we can not only arrange the icons but also Group them into folderswhile the arrival of a new, more reliable system for detecting falls and some Additional healthy optionssuch as the user’s medical data section that may be useful in case of emergency.

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There are also a lot of Developments in sleep measurement and detectionjob Training And suggestions for sleeping better. And all this is seasoned with an infinite number of Fixes, improvement and new features To facilitate interaction with the device.