December 4, 2023

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Worst supermarkets to buy fresh produce in US, according to survey

Worst supermarkets to buy fresh produce in US, according to survey

It is not a current problem, quite the opposite. Finding fresh, high-quality produce is no easy task in the United States. Most consumers look for fruits and vegetables that are, firstly, affordable and secondly, cut and fresh. In a survey launched on the social networking site Facebook, the buyers themselves expressed their opinion about the worst supermarket chains for buying fresh produce. More than 500 consumers answered the question on the topic at hand. The majority placed Walmart and Aldi at the top of the negative rankings in this regard. These places are not recommended for purchasing agricultural products, according to the customers themselves.

The worst chains for buying fruits and vegetables

Walmart customers put it first. Many people may not consider this chain to be just grocery stores. However, others are seeing good prices and positives on their shelves.

However, quality still belies affordability. In fact, Walmart was the grocery store mentioned the most in the aforementioned Facebook poll promoted by Eat This. There were frequent negative comments about the fresh produce sold, which was often spoiled or in poor condition.

Aldi, known as a great grocery chain with very reasonable prices, is notorious for its low quality of fresh produce like vegetables and fruits, for example.

One user commented on this in the poll. “Aldi, if you don’t use the product the same day, it will go bad. I bought strawberries and the next day they had mold and the bananas turned brown very quickly. Buying produce there is a waste of money.”

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Meanwhile, Costco has put an equally negative spotlight on its fresh produce department. One respondent mentioned his experience. “Where I live, my local Costco has the worst products. They are simply left out too long and end up spoiling within a day or two of purchase.

Finally, customers who responded to the Facebook survey cited the case of Trader Joe’s. Many users were dissatisfied with the quality of fresh products in the store.

One user wrote: “I love Trader Joe’s, but not because of the product. Everything I buy gets bruised, wilted, and spoils within two or three days. I haven’t seen green onions in months, and avocados are either hard or too ripe. There’s no middle ground.”