August 15, 2022

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Desde el timón también se ayuda al pueblo venezolano

The Venezuelan people are also helped from the helm

The Venezuelan people are also helped from the helm

2022-08-01 13:12:14 / [email protected] / Alfredo Garcia Pimentel

Resolute hands in driving and kind treatment, both to his passengers and his vehicle, characterize Daniel Quevedo Paul. Almost 4 years of restoration of Venezuelan roads supports this carrier from Santiago, one of the best drivers of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela.

With his responsibilities, he drives a Yutong minibus that takes him with assistants and directors of Cuban social expeditions to the most remote places in Moroccan geography. He did so without accidents or breakdowns, with skill in driving and confidence in his bus.

“I never ignore the technical condition of the car, because this is what guarantees the coverage of the distances. You have to adhere to the maintenance cycles, do not abuse your abilities on the road … and you always arrive. Our work depends on the safety of our collaborators and their presence in places where they help the Venezuelan people more than others”.

According to Daniel, Venezuela intimidates any driver. Between geography, distances and traffic, they present challenges that can only be overcome with seriousness, skills, a certain dose of audacity and even with the proper use of new technologies.

“At first it’s hard to drive between the mountains for 6 or 10 hours…or in big cities. Here the traffic is complicated, because Venezuelans don’t respect the signs, even though they have a lot of compliment on the road. To guide us, we use apps on our phones, Because we don’t know very well which cities we pass through.”

The Venezuelan people are also helped from the helm

With resolute hands and total sympathy for his passengers and vehicle, Daniel Quevedo Paul, from Santiago continues to successfully track Venezuelan roads and is one of the best drivers in the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela.

“I have traveled almost all over the country and seen things I will never forget. Once upon a time, I rode a Yutong on a Patana, to cross the Orinoco River. They are very beautiful experiences that I have not lived and will always remember.”

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