November 30, 2023

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The volcano owners were found guilty of the eruption that killed 22 people

The volcano owners were found guilty of the eruption that killed 22 people

Can Owners a Volcano Liability for deaths and damages caused by its explosion? A court A recently convicted New Zealander ruled yes Owners of Waqari VolcanoIts explosion in 2019 22 people diedFor violating workplace safety laws.

Auckland District Court Vaccari Management, owned by brothers Andrew, James and Peter Buttle, ruled. It has not fulfilled its security obligations He will release his sentence in February before taking a trip to the volcano.

On December 9, 2019, dozens of tourists were on or near the island when it exploded, killing 22 people — on the spot and while they were being treated for burns — and injuring 25 others.

While reading the verdict, Justice Evangelos Thomas stressed that Vaccari’s administration had not taken the necessary steps to avoid “death or serious injury to any person”.

“Fatal Mistake”

The Magistrate explained that since 1936, the Vaccari Administration, a trust managed by the Bhattil brothers, had carried out a duty in the hands of the family to operate tourism related to the island since 1936. Fatal mistake By not getting more information from experts to reduce Hazards associated with volcanic activity.

“It is no surprise that Vaccari can explode at any moment and without warning, causing death and serious injury,” the magistrate noted. It dismissed another allegation against the company related to the safety of its own workers.

The trial began in July With survivors testifying that they were not adequately informed of the dangers of the visit. Wakkari, one of New Zealand’s most active and touristic volcanoes, Exploded while on alert 2 (level 5) It predicted little volcanic activity and 47 people, most of them tourists, stayed on the island.

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According to the court order, Waqari administration joins Six other companies – which have accepted the charge – could face fines of up to 1.5 million New Zealand dollars (almost 825,000 euros) in hearings scheduled for February 2024.

Earlier, the New Zealand justice system too Six other organizations and separately rejected the charges against them Against the three Pattil brothers who were directors of Wakkari Management.


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