December 6, 2023

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The timeline for the December 3 referendum in Venezuela is moving forward

The timeline for the December 3 referendum in Venezuela is moving forward

An important aspect to highlight is the registration processes for organizations with political purposes, trade unions, trade unions, universities, civil society, popular forces and indigenous communities, which began this week and will end at midnight on November 15.

The Vice President of the National Electoral Council, Carlos Quintero, ratified to the press the invitation extended to them to attend the Electoral Tribunal to express their willingness to support participation in the popular consultation in December in defense of Guiana Esquipa.

He announced that so far 3,307 organizations have registered in the consultative referendum, including 2,790 popular forces parties, 150 unions, 136 civil societies, 80 unions, 73 universities, 37 political parties, 34 indigenous communities, and seven religious sectors.

Quintero noted that during Friday, communes, youth, students, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and motor vehicles in the transportation sector will submit their applications for membership.

The Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Authority indicated that they had also made progress in notifying all members of the 28,009 lists that had been arranged for December 3, and informed that all participants in the 2021 elections had been approved.

He said that they conducted two audits, one related to the voting machine software and the other related to the total, in which technicians from organizations outside the political parties participated, in order to provide all guarantees and for the process to be transparent. Reliability required.

Regarding the electoral simulation on November 19, the official expressed that it will be an important exercise so that the Venezuelan people can interact with voting machines in 800 centers and in 2,322 tables arranged throughout the country.

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Quintero reiterated his call for all the people of Venezuela to participate in the election rehearsal that day.

He pointed out that the National Elections Center achieved a commitment rate of 62 percent in field activities with the institutions and organizations that guarantee all polling centers, while 90 percent of the technical configuration and guarantees for the automated systems have already been secured.

A total of 20,694,124 Venezuelans were invited to participate in the popular poll scheduled for December 3 in 15,839 polling stations, including 1,577 new ones.