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The war between Israel and Gaza live | More than 30 martyrs in the largest hospital in Gaza due to a power outage with occupation tanks at the gates of the center international

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More than 30 people were killed in the largest hospital in Gaza due to a power outage, with Israeli tanks present at the gates of the center

Today, Monday, Israeli army forces and tanks arrived at the gates of the main hospital in the Gaza Strip, Al-Shifa Hospital, located in Gaza City (north of the Gaza Strip), and in the basement of which, according to Israeli forces, is Hamas’s command center. The health complex, the most important in the region, has collapsed: since Sunday it has had no electricity, so it cannot admit entry or even treat patients already there. According to Ashraf Al-Qudra, spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry, at least 32 people – three of them premature babies – have died due to power outages in the past three days.

There are still about 650 patients at the Shifa facility, in a desperate attempt to be evacuated to another medical center by the Red Cross or another non-governmental organization such as the Palestinian Red Crescent, according to Reuters. In addition, there are thousands of people – about 20 thousand – who took refuge in their facilities to escape the Israeli bombing, which also hit medical centers.

“Tanks are in front of the hospital. We are under a total lockdown. It is a completely civilian area. There are only hospital facilities, patients, doctors and other civilians in the hospital. Someone has to stop this,” hospital surgeon Ahmed Al-Makhalati told Reuters by phone. Tank bombing [de agua]They bombed water wells, and they also bombed the oxygen pump. They bombed everything in the hospital. So we barely survived. We tell everyone that the hospital is no longer a safe place to treat patients. “We are hurting patients by keeping them here,” he added.

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The head of the hospital’s pediatrics department, Dr. Muhammad Tabasha, also confirmed to Reuters the deaths of the three children in the Shifa facilities: “Yesterday I had 39 children and today there are 36. I cannot say what they can say.” He’s struggling. I could lose two more babies today, or in an hour. “I never imagined in my life that I would gather 29 children, each one next to the other, each suffering from a different disease.”

Meanwhile, Israel continues to insist that in the hospital basements there are tunnels housing Hamas command centers, and that Hamas is using patients as human shields. The Jerusalem Center, the second largest hospital, also suspended its activities on Sunday after running out of supplies, as it no longer had medicine or food to care for patients. The Israeli Armed Forces deployed on Monday Several messages on both X and Telegram They claim that a “terrorist squad” tried to enter the Al-Quds Hospital area and opened fire on its soldiers from the entrance before killing the gunmen. The text of the Israeli forces, which includes a video clip of one of the soldiers, said: “During the exchange of fire, civilians were seen leaving the hospital building, and other terrorists hid among them who came out of the neighboring buildings and joined the attempted attack.” Alleged terrorists. He added: “During the incident, about 21 terrorists were killed, and our forces did not suffer any casualties.”

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