August 7, 2022

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These are the reasons to try to avoid it

These are the reasons to try to avoid it

Many times we feel different sensations that occur because of We believe in something It’s not important for a long time.

Experts explain that “we are Prisoners of our thoughts‘, a feeling that, if left unchecked, can affect us in many areas of our daily lives.

Specifically, psychologist Thomas Navarro, author of Think Beautiful, said in an interview with Infosalos“That’s all we think about It affects us to what we feel, perceive, love and hate”, because mind and body always go hand in hand.

“Thought always has the last word. We do. Slaves Of our thoughts and we are under your leadership,” asserts Navarro, who elaborated that these thoughts “can help us extend our lives or they can limit them. “

Negative thoughts can affect health

This psychologist asserts that it is necessary to have an idea that heals us, does not make us sick, and above all, This does not prevent us from being happy.

In his view, these negative thoughts that can generate a Unnecessary pressure Or even they can make us sick, It has increased as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with many people generally having bad times.

“The pandemic It affected us a lot. First, because of separation, because we are social beings so at this time we lose references, points that helped us calibrate and motivate and this affects our well-being. But general pressure affects us a lot. We take it lethally and it creates anxiety, and we don’t know what’s going to happen. For this reason, it is more necessary than ever to think beautifully,” Navarro explains.

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For this specialist, “thinking beautiful does not mean thinking of unicorns”, but consists of “Make the most” of things And “try not to miss opportunities,” learn to think well and distinguish rational thoughts from negative ones that prevent us from moving forward.

Mistakes that prevent us from moving forward

That is why, in his new work, Navarro provokes eight mistakes Which we must take into account and to avoid So free our minds Moving towards positive thoughts:

  • You shouldn’t think too fast: Automation is necessary, because the automatic task does not require conscious effort and allows a lot of energy savings. Therefore, according to psychologist Thomas Navarro, it is necessary to automate everything that allows you to save energy without taking any risks, since thinking too fast is one of the eight mistakes that can affect our lives.
  • superficially think: The mind often wants to quickly quit an idea to relax again, but it usually has a very low quality standard. Therefore, if we think too much about one or several topics at the same time, we will not be able to care about anything else. It is necessary to think consciously and deeply, analyze the situation, focus and keep the details in a particular area.
  • You don’t trust yourself or your abilities: You have to trust yourself and the decisions you make.
  • You give importance to irrelevant things: Oftentimes we see a problem that is more serious than it really is, because life is what it is, but we interpret it freely. It is necessary to change the perceptions of certain ideas and the meaning we give them.
  • You are limiting your alternativesWe usually give a bad name to the ideas of people who are close to us or who are a reference to us more than our own. In this way, it is necessary to use “Yiism”, as it may be useful in opening the mind.
  • You believe everything you think: It is necessary to stop blindly thinking about intuition.
  • You can draw conclusions and make decisions when you are not feeling well: In these moments, we tend to make wrong decisions, because we do not see everything we can see because the brain suppresses everything that is not in the center of our attention.
  • circulate: Sometimes our brain makes decisions independently and on many occasions we generalize, and according to Thomas Navarro, this can be a mistake that makes us think about things too much.
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