June 21, 2024

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They discover details in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that tie into the game’s first trailer

They discover details in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that tie into the game’s first trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20 exclusively on PS5.

Peter Parker keeps watch over New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac Games surprised the world with its announcement Marvel Spider-Man game for PS4, this is the license that until then had been in the hands of Activision Blizzard with games whose quality range varies depending on each case. However, it was Ratchet & Clank’s parents and Spyro who made it Bringing out the full potential of a superheroMaking it the title based on the best-selling comic license in history and raising the quality of Marvel video games to stratospheric levels.

That’s why many are eagerly awaiting the launch of its second part, which, it must be said, has already been announced as to how much Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will occupy on the PS5’s hard disk, which brings with it that we can be Before one of the best games of the year. However, before it reaches the market, there are already existing users Find details in their trailers.

User selects the exact location of the first teaser for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This is not the first time that Reddit users have searched for an Easter egg in Marvel’s Spider-Man games, as one detail showed that Doctor Octopus was always crazy, but in this case, the social network user known as KaZ_02 went even further, because By investigating the first game’s map he was able to do this Select the area where the first teaser for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes place.

In this way, we placed the teaser that was shown at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 in a New York street where Peter and Miles face several thieves to finally find Venom, while one user finds… Possible location of this place, located within the game itself. You can take a look at them below:

I’m not sure if this is a known fact, but I believe this is the location from the 2021 trailer (swipe for more info).
by sh/kaz_02 in SpidermanPS4

For the rest, it remains only to remember that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the big PlayStation release of the yearBecause after a great campaign that showed various details about the title, including its amazing collector’s edition, we will get the title Exclusively for PS5 on October 20In conjunction with the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.