May 16, 2022

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They grabbed a knife fight at an American station

They grabbed a knife fight at an American station

authorities United State They posted a video of a fight between two people They attacked each other with a knifeThis happened on Broadway Junction, in BrooklynThe video captured the entire moment.

On the recordings, it can be seen that a person gets angry when he sees a man in a hat passing by, so he begins to shout at him so that he approaches his opponent, and soon one of them starts trying to hurt his knife.

Soon they start chasing each other even the two of them Falling on the train trackswhich worries the people around them, until they stand up to keep fightingThe video was posted on Twitter platform.

Details of the knife fight in the United States

Details of the knife fight in the United States

Details about the knife fight at the station

police from New York Download online the fight video May 4 lastabout 9:45 at night, with purpose To find the man Who used the knife during the confrontation.

Because it caused injuries For the 52-year-old which he fought with in the chest and ear regions, finger and headSo far no suspects have been reported, in the post you can read:

Wanted for Assault: Do You Know Him? On approximately 4/5/22. 9:45 p.m., on the south platform of Broadway Junction in Brooklyn.

United States first lady

United States first lady

The first lady of the United States visits Ukraine

the first lady United StateAnd Jill BidenIt was a surprise Western UkraineThis is a meeting with women on Mother’s Day, it was coexistence in a school in the country.

at Truth news As we let you know AMLO will defend Cuba so that the United States can participate in the Summit of the Americas.

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