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This is how it will be and these costs

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Your ashes could orbit the Earth or settle on the Moon when you die: that's what it will be like and that's what it will cost

The future is upon us and now anyone can access space after their death

By: Tania Caballero

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With the advancement of technology, research and space exploration, some human desires such as tourism or even funerals outside our planet are becoming more and more possible.

Nowadays, the options available to you about what to do with your remains after you die go beyond simply cremating yourself and placing them in a suitable location within a church, burying yourself in a temple, scattering your ashes in a place you like or even placing them elsewhere. A gem for your family or plant it together with a tree, where it can currently orbit our planet or settle forever on the moon.

Since when have there been space funerals?

The first time we heard about this idea was in a novel written by Neil Jones in 1931, but it was not realized until the 1990s.

The first vessel to transport human ashes was launched in 1992, and has been increasingly outpaced by other vessels.

Celestis held the second private space funeral in history with its Earthview flight. On April 1, 1997, the aircraft departed the Canary Islands and launched a Pegasus rocket. Which carried the remains of 24 people to A An elliptical orbit around the Earth. It took five years and the ash finally returned to our planet in May 2002.

a pot

Earth as seen from the moon

Who can send their ashes into space?

NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has dedicated space funerals for prominent figures, such as American astronomer Eugene Merle Shoemaker, whose ashes were sent to the moon for a year in 1998.

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The United States will launch a ship to the moon on Valentine's Day

Later, NASA sent the New Horizons spacecraft in memory of the discoverer of Pluto: Clyde Tombaugh, whose ashes are still traveling in the universe, but it flew by Pluto in 2015. The scientist became the first human whose remains will leave the solar system.

However, there are private companies that have provided the service to people who have enough purchasing power to employ it and thus honor their loved ones.

Since 1997, Celetis has flown 17 space missions to carry human ashes, and nearly a thousand people have been honored with these funerals.

What do space funerals look like?

Delivering ash from Earth's atmosphere requires special airtight capsules, designed to withstand space conditions.

Ashes could be released at the Kerman Line (the boundary that separates Earth from space), a little further, and just enjoy a trip within the orbit of our planet and return to family ownership, and even eternal rest on the Moon.

How much does a space funeral cost?

A flight to space and back to Earth, being the simplest and most economical, costs $2,995 (about $51,185 Mexican pesos), orbiting the Earth $4,995 (about $85,365 Mexican pesos), and staying on the Moon for $12,995 (about $222,085 Mexican pesos). . peso).

Peregrine's mission failed

Not all missions of this kind were successful, because at the beginning of the year, the Peregine mission, which was to deposit a symbolic amount of the remains of 70 people and dogs, failed due to technical malfunctions.

The ship contained the DNA of famous British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Astrobotic was hired by NASA to make Peregrine the first American spacecraft to complete a “soft” landing on the Moon in 51 years. However, Peregrine was free to sell the cargo space to others, and send up other types of items, including human ashes.

Peregrine is part of a wave of private company spacecraft that will attempt to land on the moon in 2024, the second being SLIM that has managed to arrive with some complications.


A Japanese robot lands on the moon

An industry on the rise

what do you think? Would you like your remains or those of a loved one to “see” the moon, outer space, or orbit the Earth?

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