July 14, 2024

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This is how the South Korean giant is arming itself for the battle of artificial intelligence

This is how the South Korean giant is arming itself for the battle of artificial intelligence

The South Korean group is revealing its technology strategy that affects its entire business, from mobile phones to chips.

Suwon, a town with a population of just over 1 million located near Seoul, was the epicenter of the quake Samsung Electronics It is shaping its future around artificial intelligence. The city that witnessed the birth of the technology company 55 years ago now houses a large number of companies A research and development campus with more than 130 buildingsWhere 37,000 employees work. In this huge complex, where products such as foldable mobile phones, next-generation networks or curved TVs have been developed, the watchword is now Rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligencea technology that affects all of Samsung’s divisions: from mobile phones to semiconductors, including televisions and home appliances.

The group that annually invests more than 19,000 million euros in research and developmentHe sees artificial intelligence as a growth lever that will boost demand for mobile phones, consumer electronics and chips. Company He hopes to recover this year After the difficult year 2023, which was exposed to the memory chip crisis and the slowdown in demand for mobile phones. Last year, Samsung made 259 trillion won (173.4 billion euros), 14% less, with operating profits of 6.57 trillion won (4.4 billion euros), 84% less.

Disagreement with Apple

the Conflict between Samsung and Apple On mobile it will increasingly be fought on the battlefield of generative AI. signature that He regained world leadership Which Apple took over from it in 2023, offering under the Galaxy AI umbrella functions such as instant two-way translation of calls, transcription and summary of audio recordings, photo editing tools, or the possibility of searching the Internet by circling or marking on the screen an area of ​​interest. Your goal is This year, it reached more than one hundred million mobile phones These capabilities It debuted in January on the Galaxy S24 It has been deployed in other models since then.

Daehyun Kim, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Samsung Research

“This is just the beginning; there will be more services to move toward the future of personal AI,” he promises. Daehyun Kim, Director of the Global Artificial Intelligence Center at Samsung Research. Kim was one of the executives who participated last week in a global media event organized by Samsung at its headquarters to explain its AI strategy, to which EXPANSIÓN was invited.

Samsung is exploring all possibilities. For example, the main user interface of a mobile phone now is the touch screen. But the era of generative AI opens the door to the integration of intelligent assistants with whom we can seamlessly converse via voice in real time. “Voice could be the next big user interfacesays Daehyun Kim, who emphasizes the importance of multimedia AI, capable of processing any type of data to create content in any of these formats.

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Kim points out the importance Moving As a device to move towards personalized AI, given the large amount of context information contained within it. “The mobile phone is the best device that offers these functions. There are people who think of some kind Wearable, but we encountered technical issues, such as lack of processing power or autonomy. “Of course, as language models and neural chips advance, who knows what will happen in the future.”

The group is committed toHybrid artificial intelligence“, that is, combining AI functions that run on the device, with other functions that require large models hosted in the cloud. “Moving towards smaller language models will allow us to deliver more and more functions on the device.” He notes that the gradual arrival of affordable chips will help Also on the growth of this market.