June 12, 2024

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THQ Nordic schedules its next big event and promises great news

THQ Nordic schedules its next big event and promises great news

After the PlayStation Showcase was announced, THQ North He also did not want to miss the opportunity to determine the date and time of the next big event. A digital show that we can enjoy next September 17 at 21:00.

Jeff Kelly will serve as Head of Ceremonies for an event YouTube, Twitchway Steam They promised six new games in it, among which they confirmed that there would be a return of the legendary franchises and some brand-name sequels.

At the moment, the only confirmed titles are open-world RPG Alex IIfrom the creators Gothic And didRoman battles RPG Expeditions: RomeAnd what’s new from Handy Games, which comes from the introduction of arcade racing Sky Drift.

What interests us? Find out what’s cooking in the new studios that THQ has acquired and introduced in recent years, especially find out what’s cooking in franchises such as Darksider NS time divider.

Although the latter is one of the biggest sources of rumors in the industry, there are no details from the company itself at the moment. THQ after announcing their return. But hope is the last thing to lose, and seeing how much the nostalgia factor works for them, it’s time to cash in on this card for an event like this.

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