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Venezuelans enjoy hospitable Santiago de Cuba (+photos)

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Santiago de Cuba, June 15 (ACN) Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Orlando Miguel Manero Gaspar, Captain Ronald José Briceño Huerta, Commander of the training ship Simón Bolívar of the Venezuelan Navy, and other members of the diplomatic corps present in Cuba. Territory and ship command, today with a courtesy visit to the Government of Santiago de Cuba.

At the meeting, Manuel Falcon Hernandez, the provincial governor, thanked the crew for their presence and officially welcomed them to the City of Heroes, the rebellious and hospitable cradle of the Cuban Revolution.

Manero Gaspar, on behalf of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, said he felt proud of the warm reception of the ship known as the “Ambassador Without Borders” and recognized the strength of the friendly and cooperative relations that the two countries maintain.

The commander of “Simón Bolívar” handed over the ship’s Metope representative to Falcon Hernández and the Second Chief of the Navy of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Fleet Captain José Luis Soto Galindo, who reciprocated the gesture.

After exchanging gifts performed by Santiago violinist José Carlos Puentes, participants in the entertainment spectacle recalled the city’s historical moments, such as the trial of the attackers of the former Moncada barracks.

“Every time we are in the so-called capital of the Caribbean, we have a very positive experience, here you always learn something, it is a very welcoming place and full of information,” Briceño Huerta said, stressing that the navies of both countries will continue as they lean towards the future, because In Cuba and in Venezuela we have had a revolution for some time.

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Another special moment was the crew’s tour of the Santa Iphigenia Heritage Cemetery, where they laid a wreath on the grave of Jose Martí, the most cosmopolitan of Cubans, in honor of the one who fought for the unity of the peoples of Latin America.

They also paid tribute with flowers to the historic leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, the unconditional friend of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian nation.

This is the fifth visit of the training ship Simón Bolívar to Santiago de Cuba and will continue until June 19.

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