June 25, 2022

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Volta Trucks announces that it will move its electric trucks to Spain

Volta Trucks announces that it will move its electric trucks to Spain

The electric city of Volta trucks and last mile trucks is already on its way to Spain. Or they will soon be, as the Swedish Electric Mobility Company has done Focus on Madrid To fill the city with these models from 2023. On the horizon, nearly a year to close commercial agreements materialized in the purchase of some fleet models that the company plans to deploy in a few months. The goal of expanding its fleet to include the rest of the country’s major cities, according to Karl-Magnus Norden, founder of Volta Trucks, is to hypertext.

Total, 5000 electric trucks per all europe They will start mass production at the end of this year. It’s all spurred by a round of financing, newly minted and announced a month ago, by Volta Trucks. €230 million from Luxor Capital, a New York-based fund, and in collaboration with Byggmästare Anders J Ahlström, in Stockholm. An operation that culminated in an earlier operation, in 2021, worth 37 million euros.

How many Volta trucks will reach the capital? It’s not completely clear. On the table are months of negotiations with companies willing to do so. Among its targets: “packaging and logistics companies, food and beverage companies, and large household items such as furniture and appliances.” The companies to which they will provide financing for vehicles and installation of charging points.

Likewise, they are not the first to operate in the country. Aquaservice, a water company for businesses and homes, is already operating with a 100% electric model in Valencia for last-mile deliveries. The idea of ​​Volta Trucks is to extend the range to any type of company.

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Only Volta Trucks for city transportation, right now

Freight transport is a hot topic at the moment. Volta Truck Couldn’t choose better timing To get to Spain. It is, in fact, one of the countries most affected by the rise in fuel prices and the consequent costs – in practical terms – for the goods sector.