August 15, 2022

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What are the mysterious waves that appeared on the volcano of La Palma

What are the mysterious waves that appeared on the volcano of La Palma

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The Cumber Vega volcanoOn the island of La Palma, it is still more active than ever, as lava is spitting two weeks after the eruption began. In fact, this Sunday, the Collapse of part of the main cone It caused an increase in lava flow and created a new stream. However, one of the most striking aspects of this weekend regarding the volcano was Strange waves appearing in the skyabove the ash cloud. What phenomenon are we talking about?

These are gravitational waves, an atmospheric phenomenon by which “an attempt is made to restore the lost stability in those fluids subject to the influence of gravity,” as described in “The waves cause a vertical undulation, with valleys (low areas) and ridges (high areas). Also, as they move away, Waves weaken and stability recovers“.

Thus, the heated air that reaches a stable layer of the atmosphere as a result of the ejection of lava from the Earth’s interior causes displacement of flows in that layer. However, as it is a stable layer, Tend to regain lost shape. “It is important that this occurs on a stable layer, because if it did not, then gravitational waves would not be produced,” they noted.

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“As in the case of water, it will cause waves Areas where the layer will be compressed Regarding its stable level and others where it will be raised. These high areas will be favorable for the presence of clouds, while the low ones will show clear skies.”

But why do we notice these waves with the naked eye? As Aemet meteorologist JJ González explained through his Twitter account, “The rising part of the wave (when the air rises) Water vapor condenses and forms clouds. That is why we can trace the path of the wave. If there isn’t enough steam to condense, we won’t be able to see it.”