February 23, 2024

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Whatsapp must make this change if it wants to avoid fines

Whatsapp must make this change if it wants to avoid fines

WhatsApp Face your The biggest change Until date. Starting next March Compatibility Of service Messenger service with Other applications similar. That's by saying, Messages can be read and sent to other platforms – which is expected to be, among other things, Telegram, Signal And iMessageAccording to what was reported by some specialized media. Without having to leave the application.

This happens after the new law comes into force EU Digital Markets Lawlegislation imposing “gatekeepers” – or Gatekeepersthat is, major technology companies – to adopt a series of measures to Improving services Of its “applications” on the European continent, including Compatibility.

It's the first time WhatsApp will allow users Communicate with users of other platformssuch as Telegram or iMessage, without having to registered In the Meta application. Moreover, this modernity will continue to be maintained End-to-end encryption.

According to specialized media ChatakaIt is still not known what applications will be able to interact with WhatsApp, but it is expected that all applications that add Compatibility with RCS or “Rich Communications Service”: iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Skype, Google messages also cable.

How will it work?

Startingit will be interoperability Available in text and voice messages, the pictures, Videos And Files Later, it will also be applied to Calls And Group conversations.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this job He is My choice: Users will be able to choose whether they want to use it or not, however WhatsApp You have to offer it if you want Avoids a Penalty fees. If it is enabled, users will see Messages to Other applications At the top of your inbox under the heading “Third Party Chats”.

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