May 21, 2024

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When will the arctic wave arrive that will stop the dengue mosquito?

When will the arctic wave arrive that will stop the dengue mosquito?

in In the midst of the worst dengue epidemic ever recordedResidents can receive good news due to lack of action and resources on the part of the government. According to experts, Next week, the first polar wave of autumn will enter, which will stop the breeding of vector mosquitoes.

This is represented by the arrival of cold air from latitudes close to the Polar Circle, which may generate a significant drop in temperatures without reaching the frost level.

Starting Wednesday, temperatures are expected to drop significantly, with the minimum ranging between 13 and 19 degrees. According to the specialists, From 15 degrees, the activity of mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever decreases significantlywhich may help limit its spread.

The ideal conditions for breeding and reproduction of these insects are above 23 degrees, so temperatures below 15 degrees can slow their life cycle.

Maintaining temperatures below 20 degrees is an encouraging sign from an epidemiological standpoint, because it can help reduce mosquito populations significantly. Therefore, the arrival of cold temperatures next week is expected to slow the spread of dengue fever.

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