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When will The Simpsons Halloween special premiere?

When will The Simpsons Halloween special premiere?

Since the second season, a special horror program has been broadcast every year to celebrate Halloween.

In Treehouse of Horror IV Mr. Burns becomes Dracula

As usual, every year a special episode of The Simpsons is broadcast with dark events taking place. It takes place around Halloween and is called the “Treehouse of Horror Episode”. This year he returns with… The thirty-fourth horror special of the series, which already has a release date. In this episode, different events will happen, such as Bart turning into an NFT, Lisa trying to stop a serial killer or a strange epidemic arriving in Springfield.

More parodies of legendary horror films

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV (34) will be broadcast on air Sunday 5 NovemberLast Halloween. It will be broadcast first on the US network FOX at 8pm PT, and will then arrive on streaming platforms. flow Who own the rights to the series, which is Disney + in Spain, from there you can watch the 7 best Halloween episodes of The Simpsons.

The tradition of airing a Halloween-themed episode exists From the second season of the series. Specifically, the first horror episode, The Treehouse I, was the third episode of the second season, on October 25, 1990.

When will The Simpsons Halloween special premiere?

Treehouse has given us some of the best moments in television history

The 34th tree house will consist of 3 parts. We still don’t know the title of each one, but we know what it will be like. In one of them, Bart will become an NFT and Marge will have to rescue him through Blockchain. In another story, Lisa will try to hunt down a serial killer, an obvious parody of “The Silence of the Lambs.” Finally, in the final part, a terrifying plague will arrive in Springfield, turning the city into a city inhabited by lazy people, with zombie-like behavior, beer lovers. This is also a parody, specifically of Planet Terror.

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The Simpsons horror specials are not only a tradition on the television scene; Some of its episodes became masterpieces of animation. The now legendary slogan “Don’t look at me, I voted for Kodos” was born from Special VII in 1996, which was joined by other iconic moments, such as when Homer lost his head in Special V, in an obvious reference to Shining, or when Mr. Burns is revealed to be a Dracula very similar to Coppola’s version in the Part 4 special. From the beginning they emulated legendary films.