December 4, 2023

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Xbox Series

Xbox Series

The announcement of the premiere of the video game Starfield, which will take place tomorrow, September 5, has sparked sales of the Xbox Series

The pulse has been detected in one million units so far, according to analyst figures.

It’s Amazon’s own platform that reports on the ups and downs of available product sales, which is why the impressive increase appears next to the console on its website.

Since Microsoft bought the video game production company Bethesda In September 2020 for $7.5 billion, its catalog added popular video games such as “Wolfenstein”, “Fallout”, “Doom” and others.

You are now experiencing the Starfield Effect. The long-awaited title takes the player to the year 2030, where humans have ventured beyond the solar system to settle on several planets and live as a space city.

The game has generated a lot Expectations among fans Because it promises a unique and revolutionary experience that allows maximum character customization and unprecedented spatial setting. The game will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service for hundreds of games for a monthly fee.

he Premiere in Spain It will be launched at 2am on Wednesday, which is the global launch time. Argentine players were the first to be able to enjoy the game thanks to early access that opened on August 31.

The video game was initially scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022, but in May of that year it was postponed to the first half of 2023, due to the ambition of its development that forced them to rethink the calendar. The time has come and sector analysts are predicting historic success.

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