July 1, 2022

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Here are 8 keys to including the metaverse in your work

The metaverse It is a virtual environment where large companies begin to expand their business through various actions. Currently, it is a new challenge for marketing and communication strategy because it will be a new channel for brands to be present to communicate through content creation and lead capture.

The parallel that characterizes agency no thing Is that, for example, in the 90s we could not imagine the true dimension of the Internet or after years with social networks. It’s time to join this new world to start positioning itself, which will lead to experimenting with new marketing strategies that allow companies to gain visibility and notoriety through new sensory experiences.

Ferran BorielNone, CEO of None, cautions that it must be borne in mind that the metaverse “or, better in the plural, metaverses will not be a simple hypothetical thematic environment and will not be reduced to games; they will go far beyond digital marketing or strategy business, to become a space as we see now can be social networks. Sites that, without our knowledge, seemed to us like science fiction but entered our everyday lives later.”

Although he asserts that there is much to be developed, no thing It raises 8 aspects to consider for developing future marketing strategies:

1.- The virtual and real world comes with new rules of the game

The metaverse or metaverses are virtual universes that integrate reality and the virtual world, through experience and sensations with tools. The closest that can be found today are digital worlds such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, which actually allow meetings in 3D environments. However, the metaverse, when it forms a new reality, will be a network of virtual environments that are always active and connected to each other, where people from all over the world can interact with each other. Therefore, due to their own characteristics, they will completely change the rules of the game and not only in terms of marketing or communication.

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2.- Metaverses are always active spaces

They don’t stop for a moment. There is no pause button and they do not stop when disconnected. They still exist, even if they are no longer there. Furthermore, the metaverse follows a timeline synchronized with the real world. They coexist and time passes as in life itself.

3.- It’s a fully functional independent world

It will allow to create, buy, sell, own, invest, work and rest… It will consist of different platforms where users can create their own content to share. This is exactly where the key to developing an effective marketing strategy, will be in the experiments.

4.- It is a great opportunity because everything is not built yet

There are no master formulas and they do not specify how companies want to interact with potential customers from all over the world. This is why innovation in this channel will be key. For example, launching an e-commerce there, which will attract and retain new customers, because the company will be the first choice in this new world, or launch virtual events for your company in which you can gain visibility and achieve new customers without geographic barriers and without time limits at much lower costs.

5.- It will be the most attractive experience

It will change the way we interact and we will have to focus on the gravitational force of the experience. The challenge will be to draw audiences into two different worlds at the same time when the rules, behaviors and expectations will be completely different.

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6.- The sales strategy should consider the possibility of experimenting with all available tools

In the same way that it is now done with all kinds of products, advertisements, sales and purchases on social networks and received at home … all this will also be part of the metaverse. The difference is that it will now be possible to experiment, from anywhere, in a sensory and physical way almost with all kinds of goods and services. Current technology already allows you to feel some sensations in your body from the virtual world. For this reason, brands must adapt all available tools to the new environment, always taking into account their characteristics. The possibilities are endless and the big companies are already doing it.

7.- The new metaverse interaction ecosystem is based on virtual reality

That is why it is important to bring together those creative techniques and techniques that allow the company to position itself. For example, designing 3D images of products that can improve interaction with them and increase sales.

8.- Advertising in the metaverse is a way to attract new customers

Advertising as we know it will also move into the metaverse, just as it did on social media. Advertising in this virtual world will help us attract new potential customers with which we will have to influence users through the interactions they generate on the platform, i.e. change the style to a much more participatory advertisement where the avatar can interact directly with a product.

yes for Ferran Boriel“The good news is that there is still plenty of time to prepare. It is still estimated that 10-15 years of development will be needed for the other reality to be final and we can talk about the metaverse with full nature. By that date, it is estimated that That more than a billion users will already be there and will generate more than a billion dollars for businesses.For this reason, it is important to think, as soon as possible, on how to include them in internal marketing strategies, which will also be necessary, to attract more customers.

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