August 16, 2022

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Maluma charms with African rhythm while waiting for the premiere of his movie next to Jennifer Lopez

Maluma charms with African rhythm while waiting for the premiere of his movie next to Jennifer Lopez

A passionate explorer of the musical rhythms and harmonies different from urban music, Maluma is now betting hard, on a lesser-known artist, against his new single, “Mama Tetema”.
However, everything the Colombian touches turns to gold: this duet with Tanzanian singer Raifani, Over 7 million views on YouTube alone early days.

“They gave me many proposals (for collaboration), there were many suggested names, I had some ideas, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to move on to what was already known. That is why I asked on Instagram who suggested me or what Which I can suggest new, and what they have already heard came out.

“Ray and I texted each other direct, talked about collaborating, I really enjoyed what he suggested to me and ended up making a song that I think has absolutely everything exciting,” the 27-year-old Colombian spoke in an exclusive interview.

Although among his music company, Sony Music Entertainment Latin, and his friends and acquaintances mentioned, through e-mails and letters, more than a hundred names of artists to see if he liked any of them, the producer and translator of “Felices los 4” and “Hawaii” chose A native of Tanzania, he is also 27 years old and works as a multi-instrumental director and composer.

“I don’t feel pressured when we release a song. I know success is important, but I trust what I do and the work of the team I’m allied with. A hit song doesn’t belong to one person, it belongs to many, and I appreciate working together.”

Maluma, Cantant

“There are no set rules for success, and I trust what Rayvanny does. I think it’s very important to help each other, collaborate and shake hands. He contributed his talent, that passion for music, and me, the song idea he had from the start. The musical flick we got,” Maluma said. very clear.

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Two days ago, the duo premiered the song at the MTV Europe Music Awards, which were held in Hungary, and this piece, which combines Afrobeat and Reggaeton and also combines Spanish and Swahili, has its history.

“Mama Tetema” is inspired by “Tetema,” a song released by Rayvanny alongside Diamond Platnumz over two years ago, and the Colombian loved the beat so much that he’s now asked his friend to make his own version, incorporating its phrases in Spanish and with a reggaeton beat to completely flip the original beat. “Tetima” means “vibrate”.

“You have to sing in English, Spanish, Swahili and whatever language you want. I think it’s very important to find space for everything and to show that we Latinos do it in a big way, not just because of the rhythm, but because our language blends in and gives us a lot of scope in other areas, and it’s a So noble that it takes us to try other languages. There are no barriers to singing, you have to break everything.”

Ranked as one of the world’s most famous singers, also called “Maluma Baby” or “Papi Juancho” has said that he places a strong emphasis on making more songs, unreleased or collaborative, and in the premieres of his upcoming films, since then he has put his voice to the character of Mariano. In the animated film Encanto he is the co-star of the romantic comedy Marry Me, with Jennifer Lopez, which will premiere next February.

“We’ve come up with good releases, and I love knowing my people are interested in what I’m doing as an actor. I’ll do my best and have no limits. We’re ready to unveil all of this and who knows? I think more things can come. I really enjoy the experience. I want to do With performances, acting, singing, producing and promoting new talents, the Medellin-born man said, “I want to do everything.”

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Maluma plans to embark on a tour of Europe in the first quarter of 2022, which will cover more countries starting in the summer.